Services that TriServices movers provide:
Residential Moving

We offer moving services for 1-2-3 bedr. apartments, homes and everything in between. A fully qualified professional moving crew of two or three movers, Furniture van, trucks (15FT, 16FT, 20FT to 26 FT) fully equipped with furniture blankets, dollies and special tools necessary to safely and swiftly complete your move.

The charges begin when we arrive at the pickup location, and continue as the crew loads the truck, drives to your new location (including any repeated trips, if applies), and unloads the truck at your new home. The charges end when the truck is empty and any required setup is complete. We shall most of the time charge a minimum of two or three hours of labour + travel time fee*. Once the minimum is reached (2hrs-3hrs) we will charge you half of hourly rate for every additional half-hour increments + travel time fee*.

*TRAVEL TIME fee - Is a 1hr flat-rate fee based on the average driving time from our office to your location and back. It includes time to allow our truck and movers to get from our office to your home for the pick up and return time to our office after the completion of your move. Travel time will be added to your total charge once the move has been completed. There is a minimum charge of two or three hours of moving time plus one hour travel time. Travel time does not include any additional driving time between loading and unloading. This is included in your normal hourly rate.

Average Local Move Times

  Bachelor, Studio


  1 Bedroom apartment


  2 Bedroom Condo

4-6 hours*

  3 Bedroom House

5-8 hours*

*Remember, these are average times only

Long Distance Moving

Operates from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Has more than 3 new brands fleets of trucks, registered with CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration). Properly cleaned and inspected. We use clean blankets, cover for mattresses, paper pads and shrink wrap. We guarantee transportation of an average cargo (for 1-2-3 bedrooms) in the provinces ON, QC, NB during 24 hours, and for the province of NS 36 hours at any time convenient for you.

As with many customers we operate on a flat rate so in order to provide you with an accurate estimate we will require some additional information. The exact list of items, distance to and size of the elevators, amount of stairs, distance to the truck, etc. all play a part in determining how long it will take us to load and unload your goods, as will the nature of the goods themselves and the amount of disassembly and wrapping required to move your goods safely.

Load/Unload & Pack/Unpack
  1. Professionally load and unload rental trucks or PODS.
  2. Loading and unloading storage containers.
  3. Professionally pack up your entire house, just finish what you didn't have time to pack or just finish what you didn't trust yourself to pack.
  4. Unpack your boxes or other containers that you may have.
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