Rates & Services


  • - Bachelor/Studio/1small bedr. $110 -130/hr with 2 movers and moving van*;
  • - 1, 2bedr./Apt.,/Townhouses $110-140/hr with 2 movers and moving truck*;
  • - 2, 3bedr./Apt.,/Townhouses $120-160/hr with 2 movers and moving truck*;
  • - 3, 4bedr./Town/single houses $170-200/hr with 3 movers and moving truck*;
  • - 3, 4bedr./ Apt.,/ Single houses $180-260/hr ith 3-4 movers and moving truck*;
  • * minimum work order 3-4hrs of work + 1hr of travel time fee;
  • * 3rd floor or level, appliances, outside city aria, pianos - extra price;
  • * all rates including protection with blankets, shrink wraps for furniture and mattresses, floor runners to protect your carpet or hard wood, dollies, tools, wardrobe boxes on loan and INSURANCE;
  • * Prices for a simple delivery such as picking up a sofa, stove is negotiable.
  • * Payment : E-transfer, personal cheque, money order, cash, Mastercard or Visa card;
  • * all rates are subject to applicable taxes;
  • * Cancellation fees without notice $100;
  • * Prices exclude the end of the month and are subject to change between May and October.

LOCAL DISTANCE MOVE for 1-2-3 bedrooms

Weekly trips between Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal.

As with many customers we operate on a flat rate so in order to provide you with an accurate estimate we will require some additional information. The exact list of items (how many pieces of furniture and boxes will be), distance to and size of the elevators, amount of stairs, distance to the truck, etc. all play a part in determining how long it will take us to load and unload your goods, as will the nature of the goods themselves and the amount of disassembly and wrapping required to move your goods safely.

We guarantee transportation of an average cargo (for 1-2-3 bedrooms ) in the provinces of ON, QC, NB during 24 hours, and for the province of NS 36 hours at any time convenient for you.

Loading/Unloading & Packing/Unpacking

-Load/unload your truck or PODS with 2 movers $120-$130/hr ;
(min. 3 hrs of work 1hr of travel time fee );

Call or email for free estimate:
613 371 5522,
Email: movingtriservices@gmail.com