Moving Insurance and Valuation

At TriServices our workers and our entire staff do everything in their power to make sure that no damages will occur. Unfortunately with all the preparation and safeguarding available, accidents still can happen. That is why we have insurance options available to protect the safety of your belongings and our staff.

Standard Valuation Coverage:

This coverage is provided by our Insurance Company at no cost to you:


Bodily Injury and Property Damage


Products-Completed Operations


Property Damage Deductible


Personal Injury


Medical Payments


Tenants Legal Liability ($1,000 deductible )


Non-Owned Automobile


* Insurance covers property damage that occurred at mover's fault during handling or transportation, weather it is caused to the objects being moved or the premises, with $1000 deductible. Any insurance claim to TriServices regarding possessions or damages to the home (small scratches) will have a $100 deductible.

Full Replacement Value Insurance:

Two Insurance Companies that offer full replacement value moving insurance are: Moving Insurance Company - and Baker International - Full replacement coverage has a much more inclusive coverage than regular standard valuation insurance, and generally offers more options regarding deductible levels and the amount of coverage. If your possessions are valued above $50,000 and consist of valuable items such as electronics, pianos and artwork, or if you have an individual item valued at more than $5,000, the client may also purchase "full replacement value insurance" from the companies above.

Certificate of Insurance

TriServices maintains in excess of two million dollars worth of General Liability insurance. Nearly every commercial office requires some form of insurance certificate prior to any work being performed.

Here is a list of rules and regulations to valuation coverage:

- Valuation does not automatically pay for any damage. It must be clearly shown that the mover was responsible for the damage.
- Items in boxes not packed by the mover are not covered, unless the outside of the carton provides clear evidence that the entire box was damaged during the moving.
- The mover is not responsible for any electronic item that does not function after the move, unless there is clear evidence that the item was not handled properly during the move.
- The jewelry, diamonds, gold items are not insured (you have to buy a separate insurance from Insurance company mentioned above).
-The mover is legally obligated to acknowledge any claim within 14 days and to resolve it or offer a settlement within 120 days.
- Even if you see damages to items at the time of the move, you are legally responsible to pay the full amount for the move. Then you must go through the claims process.